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It doesn’t matter who you are, if you have a car you must have car insurance. As there are multiple car insurance providers, it becomes quite difficult to choose the right car insurance quote. Well, if you are someone who has been struggling to choose the right cheap car insurance quote for yourself, then here are a few choices that you can go for.

Make sure to do due research before choosing the car insurance. We hope that the information provided down below will be of help to you.

Top Car Insurance Quotes

Here is the list of top car insurance quotes that you can go for yourself.

Aviva Motor Lite

Aviva is regarded as one of the best companies out there when it comes to car insurance. They have lots of cheap plans that have great market-beating prices. Among all the plans offered by Aviva, they have Aviva Motor Lite which is a great option for safe and experienced drivers.

It comes with a lot of benefits, such as child seat coverage, car towing and the best part is that it comes with a brand-new car replacement benefit, but this would be available to you only if the repair cost of your car is over 70% of its market value. Apart from this you and the passengers will also receive a coverage sum of S$500.

Income Drivo Premium:

If you are a new driver and in need of maximum support, well, Income’s Drivo Premium is the car insurance that you should opt for. This provides you with a lot of options such as towing, then medical coverage for you and the passengers of the car and along with that it also provides personal accident coverage.

But that is not just all, your car will also be provided with coverage against theft, lightning, natural disasters, explosions, malicious acts, and civil disturbances. This plan might not be cheapest in the market but it surely is cheap when compared to the market average.

HL Assurance Comprehensive:

Hong Leong Insurance is said to be one of the most reputed insurance providers out there. The Assurance Comprehensive plan is also regarded as one of the best car insurance for young, Inexperienced and customers who are cost-conscious. It also provides great value for more experienced drivers too. However, they have an age restriction to but if you get all the requirements right then you can enjoy some great benefits too.

These benefits include one of the highest NCD discounts which are 57% and along with this, you will also get coverage for personal accidents, towing, medical and accessories.

Budget Direct Comprehensive

The Budget Direct Comprehensive insurance provider is one such provider with unbeatable prices and this plan is for low risk, experienced drivers. The other benefit with Budget Direct is that it’s quite mindful about the bare essentials and keeps its premiums to below an average of 30-40% and that too regardless of gender and NCD.

The main features of this insurance policy are that it provides third-party property damage and along with that coverage for damage to the windshield, towing, natural disasters, theft, vandalism are also included in it. The best part about this policy is that it has a 14-day lockout period that allows you to try it before actually buying it.

Etiqa Comprehensive:

This comprehensive plan is quite beneficial especially for women and young inexperienced drivers on a budget. Along with these, medical expenses, loss of use, towing cost and accidental benefits are some coverages that are provided by this policy. The premium of the policy may cost you less than 40%, but that depends on the car you are driving and your driver’s profile.

For inexperienced and young drivers, the excess is S$2000 but that is only if you are using workshops of Etiqa. According to Etiqa, 24 years or younger is considered young. This is quite a good plan to consider.

FWS Prestige:

The FWS Prestige is quite a good car insurance policy and is best for people seeking great value at low prices. Most insurance policies will cost you a lot of extra money but FWS will not. Along with all the coverages generally provided by other companies. FWS Prestige will even reimburse for the cab ride after the accident. One can also customize the insurance plan to their needs. This plan also provides you with the maximum possible coverage too.

Well, these are some of the car insurance quotes that you can choose for yourself. Most of these are providing you with the maximum possible coverage and Hong Leong Insurance is one such that will provide you with additional benefits along with maximum coverage as well. But before choosing any plans do proper research and go through review provided by existing and non-existing customers.

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