How to Wear a Mini Skirt Stylishly

The mini skirt Singapore fashion trend is huge, which is why you are here to discover your favorite ways on how to make your mini skirt look stunning on you. So get prepared to discover fabulous ways on how to wear your mini skirt to work, at parties and the streets. Be inspired! Be glamorous! 

Tank Top Paired With Blue Mini Skirts 

One of the hottest trends on to the runway right now is the tank top paired with blue miniskirts. A perfect combination of two hot wardrobe staples, which can give you a professional look is a tank top teamed with a blue mini skirt.  

Crop Top with Mini Skirts 

Another option when wearing miniskirts is wearing a crop top. This outfit is versatile because you can wear it with pants, jeans and leggings. Try pairing this with a skinny black dress, a knee-length mini skirt or a long mini dress with a cropped skirt. A dark crop top is always a safe choice. You can also jazz up this outfit by wearing cute wedges or high heels. 

Mini Skirt with Ankle Boots 

If you want to take this outfit to the office, you can easily pull it off. For example, you can wear a short mini skirt with a cute ankle-boots fashionista ankle strap. The perfect footwear to pair with an ankle-boots fashionista ankle strap would be a chunky crystal Swarovski bracelet. This accessory will be a great finishing touch to this outfit. Since you don’t have to wear suede mini skirt to work, you can save a few bucks and choose a cute, affordable ankle-boots instead. 

T-shirt, Black Tights & Mini Skirt 

If you’re not heading out to work but still want to stay stylish, you can always do this with a plain t-shirt and black tights. All you need is your basic t-shirt and black lace leggings or boot-cut jeans and pair this up with a black mini skirt and be a cool chic.

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Dark Coloured Tank Top with Mini Skirt 

If your mini skirt is at the knees or above the knee, you can keep your outfit simple by wearing a dark coloured tank top underneath and a pair of black leather mini boots. A belt or some cute accessories will help pull this outfit together. However, if you’re heading out to work with this outfit, you’ll probably want to skip the boots and just wear your white shirt tucked in your pocket. When you dress up your mini with this look, you can even wear a blazer over the dress for an easy daytime look. All you need is a simple black leather mini jacket or a lace cover up and you’re set. 

The black leather mini skirt via tuck is versatile because it can go with a lot of different outfits. Women’s dresses and skirts, business attire, casual clothes – there are all sorts of ways to wear this fashionable outfit. You can do a lot with this simple outfit, since it only takes a few minutes to put on and take off. You can also save money by doing these alterations on your own. A quick search online will show you how easy it is to find affordable alterations for your mini skirt via tuck. 

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