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About the Mediation Request for Conflict Resolution

The American Mediation Board adheres to the fundamental doctrine that businesses and individuals are capable to resolve their own disputes, problems, conflicts and issues when provided with helpful support and insight.

The American Mediation Board  services are based on established alternative dispute resolution (ADR) procedures. Alternative Dispute Resolution is term used to describe out of court settlements reached through mediation, conciliation and  arbitration. ADR is faster, less formal, cheaper and often less adversarial than a court trial. ADR is sanctioned by the United States, European Union and countries throughout the world as standard  legal procedure. ADR helps relieve the long delays in today's overburdened court system.The American Mediation Board combines the best practices of mediation, conciliation and arbitration.

The American Mediation Board  uses a non-adversarial approach. It ensures disputants the freedom of choice to create legal structured settlements without the burden or influence of political, public and governmental pressures. The American Mediation Board  provides a legal alternative to the high cost of the lawyers and court litigation.

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Send an email to the American Mediation Board, click here.  In your email, please include the below information so our panel of dispute  resolution experts can determine the best approach to quickly resolve your Conflict.

Include these three items in your email to the American Mediation Board Board:

1) Your Name and City/State/Country. If this is a business dispute, include the business name and address.

2) Your Email Address, if it is different from the email address used to send your original email.

3) A Detailed Description of your Conflict and issues involved in this conflict.

Upon receiving your 'Request For Conflict Resolution' we will contact you within 72 hours.

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